Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life~ so far

been a long time.

too busy wif work
and games. =P

nwayz just to update bout whats going on around me,

skols happening.

so bloody packed

got test coming,

1 report due

and 1 assignment due.

in under a week.

tot uni life would be more,

yet again shows the "uniqueness" of utar.


ah well,

guess tis is my life,

no point complaining if im not going to do anything.

i admit i have been slacking too much this sem,

sleeping in classes,

not doing tutorials,

skipping classes,

copying tutorials,

playing too much games,

etc etc etc.

Somehow , no matter whats wrong,

or no matter how bad stuff is turning out,

i cant seem to get serious. =.=

i was quite stressed yday,

but today,

with the wind blowing

the songs on my playlist,
[we believe-good charlotte , move along-all american rejects]


i feel quite relaxed.

tats y i decided to blog.


i noe my blog is quite boring considering theres no pics n stuff.

hence i wont force u guys to read it all.

can stop here. =P

btw changed my header .

nw says occasional jerk.

Sometimes, i jz feel like a crap jerk.

i didnt want to become like tat,

i actuali hate ppl like tat,

n yet here i am.

just like them.

Hope i can change.



guess tat's it for now..

should continue doing maths. ><

have 2 topics to catch up.

wish me luck

signing off.


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Anonymous said...

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