Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life~ so far

been a long time.

too busy wif work
and games. =P

nwayz just to update bout whats going on around me,

skols happening.

so bloody packed

got test coming,

1 report due

and 1 assignment due.

in under a week.

tot uni life would be more,

yet again shows the "uniqueness" of utar.


ah well,

guess tis is my life,

no point complaining if im not going to do anything.

i admit i have been slacking too much this sem,

sleeping in classes,

not doing tutorials,

skipping classes,

copying tutorials,

playing too much games,

etc etc etc.

Somehow , no matter whats wrong,

or no matter how bad stuff is turning out,

i cant seem to get serious. =.=

i was quite stressed yday,

but today,

with the wind blowing

the songs on my playlist,
[we believe-good charlotte , move along-all american rejects]


i feel quite relaxed.

tats y i decided to blog.


i noe my blog is quite boring considering theres no pics n stuff.

hence i wont force u guys to read it all.

can stop here. =P

btw changed my header .

nw says occasional jerk.

Sometimes, i jz feel like a crap jerk.

i didnt want to become like tat,

i actuali hate ppl like tat,

n yet here i am.

just like them.

Hope i can change.



guess tat's it for now..

should continue doing maths. ><

have 2 topics to catch up.

wish me luck

signing off.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

L i V i n G O u t M y L i F 3

been a long time.

i have no excuses to why i did not post.

nwayz, back to the reason why im writing this,

As most of u noe, i moved my place. im no longer staying wif my sister in damansara, but now staying wif friends in setapak!

The place im staying is Melati Utama condos.

Nice place, i feel.

Great wind during evenings.

If god is kind.

Theres a swimming pool here. so hot days have a solution!


Btw, jz to update u guys, if u didnt alreadi noe,.

i got 3 stitches after i crashed my head on the side of the swimming pool.

Yes im serious.

Blood came out ok!

i didnt have googles tat time,

n i was trying to do the butterfly.

Due to excessive water intake due to failed attempts,

i drank a lot of water. n didnt have nuff time to open my eyes.

so tats wat happened.


i neo its hillarious.

btw i removed my stitches a few days ago,

but unfortunately i cant swim yet.


Living here in setapak,

food is a problem,


food at the condo suckx ><

have to go out eat.

but other than tat,

im starting to like staying here. =D

My hsemates turned out better than expected.

Honestly, i was a bit afraid when some of the people i didnt reali noe were going to stay wif me,

but now i love being wif them.

their funny , hillarious n theres this guy hu's quite matured.

Rite now,

i like it here.

Some of my old friends are a bit dissapointing..

i tot we would have fun here,

but they turned out to be different..

Tis place i live in,

i treat it as home.

I mean if i extra bring something can share ma,

But u guys also do the same ma..

a bit dissapointing.

I mean, i noe u guys go back to kl,

but still.
dun treat tis palce as a hotel .

Thank god the few of us here hu stays here almost all the time arent like tis.

Thanks to Jeff, we now have a dining table.

Thanks to Charles, we have an iron.

Thanks to Adrian, i have a place to put my towels.

Thanks to Leon, we have a few electrical kettles. =P

Thanks to Jack, we have tali rafia? =P n places to hang our clothes.


kidding la, its the combined contributions tat matter.

Honestly, i feel better during the weekends than weekdays.

Feels more like home.

Just without good food. =P

Staying wif them, i learnt few stuff.

U dun have to go out to "have fun"

Nw, the word "have fun" (or words)

Give me a different meaning.

I dun noe hw my relationships wif my housemates will end up,

For better or worst,

i feel learnt a lot of things.

If possible, i wish i could stay wif them for a longer period of time.

I dun regret letting them in the hse.

Coz now, their the ones maintaining the hse.

My other housemates, kinda dissapointing.

Nwayz, i have maths tutorial to finish.

Jeff went ahead n did all ad. ==

but good also la, can check wif him. keke.

So , after tis,

i wanna finish my maths.

Wait for the guys hu went swimming to come back

Get ready to go out

Eat at KFC, Hopefully

N Have Fun.


cheers, to our FriendShit.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Okay... first off. sorry for the late posting. i noe its been like a weeks, but er.. well no buts. its been a few weeks. Lol. Just in case you're wondering, no im nt lost in a woods or dead, very much alive and kicking in my home. Nwayz, jz a little update on wats up wif my life.

Recently i was testing out tis thing called ps2 emulator, which allows u to play ps2 games on ur pc.

The Playability depends on ur hardware, n mine is quite not up to date. Lol. So i cant play at full speed.

But nwayz, i managed to get it to work and,........................


Finished Kingdom Hearts!! WOhoo. Nice game. I like the song. hikaru.

Ignore the 30++ times defeated, i didnt noe they took note of it.

So nice that i wan to play kingdom hearts II, ..

BUt the cd Nick lent me, i cant seem to use it. TT

NOw have to get a new one.

And Soo din ps2 also duno hilang where ad, wat not his ps2 cds.


So putting tat aside...

After finishing the game, i had to do smt.

SO i started watching an anime that Wencuan recommended me a long time ago.

Law Of Ueki.

Actualli i started watching cause i saw a glimpse of it at Kar Wai's house on animax dunring the bbq.

Kousuke Ueki, a student of the Hinokuni Junior High School, is picked by a God Candidate, Koba-sen, to participate in a competition where people battle out to become God and only the strongest will prevail. Embodied with the ability to turn garbage into trees, Kousuke will be joining in the battle against other junior high school students in this selection. This sets the premise for the earth-friendly battle where the students will pit their powers against the rest.

Pretty cool anime.

All fights last 1 or 2 episodes. Which is a good thing. Meaning les talk n more fight.

Anime watchers should give it a try.


SO... after finishing tat im still left wif ard 2 weeks plus of nothign to do.

Oh wat the hell,

Started watching this.

I didnt like it at first. ><


But as i continued to watch it , it got me engrossed.

Pretty cool as well.

Finished season 2 thanks to the dvds my dad bought.

So... i finihsed tis is 3 days. ><

left wif a week plus..

So dug out my old cds,
n started watching...

Seriously, i tink tis is one of the funniest comedies alive.

Realli tickles my funny bone every time.


i was at genting a few weeks back.

can check it out at.


Thats all i guess.

Sorry its jz another lamer post.

Oh yea,

Im in penang. =P

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yos, sory never posted anything. nothing to post. hehe.

actuali now also nth, bt heck, since im suppose to be studying y not post?
(tat sounds wrong right?)

recently, well mayb nt tat recent, full metal alchemist 2 brotherhood came out. Woo!

nwayz, firstly, tis is not a sequel or anything. Its a remake.

The first full metal alchemist was made not following the manga plot.

This one is, so its reali gonna be very interesting. keke.

But the anime brings some new elements inside, such as the ice alchemist in the first episode itself.

Nwayz for those hu havent seen this, its a story of 2 brothers hu tried to revive their mother using alchemy , which was a taboo, and ended up losing an arm, a leg and a body.

Wont say much about tis human alchemy thingy because lots of people have their own theories, but if u read the manga, u would know the real reason why they failed, or why human alchemy was never successful.

This anime appeals to me actuali cause of the bad guys. The "Sinners", consisting of 7 members, each having one of the 7 deadly sins as their names. Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Greed. Their names are given based on their characteristics, such as Greed is Greddy and each have a special ability, such as Greed's ultimate shield, Lust's ultimate lance, and wrath's ultimate eye.

I seriously like their concept of 7 sins. keke.

nwayz wont spoil for u the story as Wrath and Pride's Identity is reali shocking.

OK about the good guys.

First off, main characters. ( NOTE that its characters not character. The first season Emphasized on 1 Character too much. There are actuali 2 main characters.

Elric brothers. Overall their reali strong, coz they are able to use alchemy without drawing the circles (which everyone else has to). Not much to say about them. Watch the anime.

Colonel Mustang. Fire Alchemist
Ok, although he doesnt show much power, tis guy is actuali freaking strong. Elric brothers never managed to kill 1 of the 7 sins at all (edward was close to beating 1) , but this guy took 2 of them out, single handed.

Scar. The Alchemist Killer.
This guy starts off as a badass killer, killing all state alchemists he sees. However, his not bad hearted.

Er, there are many more characters worth mentioning but im getting lazy.

Conclusion, watch the anime. Its good. The plots real good. ( from the manga). Sad the manga onli comes out once a month. Lol.

Nwayz, for those hu wan to check tis out,


Btw been playin wif tis program tat allows users to make music.

Not good at it though. Hehe.

Willing to take tips from anyone. =D

Some examples of what tis can do

Saturday, April 11, 2009

week 7

Next week is my final week of my foundation studies in UTAR. Weirdly enough, i think im going to miss it.

Not just for the ppl i am with, but also for the subjects and lecturers. Some things i will nvr forget, and some things i prefer not to remember. But anyhow, being here taught me some stuff. In case u didnt noe, im the kampung boy from penang hu came to KL city to study.

First off, i wanna talk about the stuff i came to realise onli when i was here.

People ard here love cake. (nwayz in my class la). They may have no money to spend, but if someone's burthday is coming up, there will be cake. No matter wat. Lol. Back in pg, if got ppl burthday we jz take go eat smt la. Here. MUST be cake. NO cake no meaning, like they say. At 1 point i was getting sick of cake, coz burthdays kept on comin faster than money was coming in. =P

Secondly, also related to burthdays, 21st burthday is a very big event here. I mean, really big. If didnt do big big celebration canot.


Initially i tot kl ppl were nice. Intially.
Things changed as i got to know ppl more. And stayed here longer. I didnt bliv in the saying tat city ppl are more mean than kampung.
Well, now i can vouch for it..

KL drivers... i duno how the hell they got their licenses. So bloody selfish.

And PLEASE LA, if alreadi damn jam bcoz of an accident, DONT go from 80 to 10 to look. U noe hw bloody annoying it is ar?

Back to kl Drivers.
Not sterotyping but i mostly see is girls la.
they will in no condition give way to you.
Im the red arrow. I use tis road almsot everyda to skol. If its jammed, its very slow.
As u can see, i need to cut into other ppl lane at 1 point, not because im a jerk, but because i have to.
And if the driver is female, forget abotu cutting. They wotn let u cross. Their willing to risk scratching their car so they can save 1.5 seconds of their life.
Of course, male drivers also got many.
Scracth tat.

99% of KL drivers are liddat.
It wont hurt to give way once a awhile la. my god. 1.5 seconds of ur life is not worth paying 150 to repaint ur car. Remeber that.



Back to the post.

Where was i?

Oh yes, Utar.

I got to know some ppl here.

I dun tink i hate any1, i certainly hope no1 hates me.

But if u do, well i wont stop u. Ur life, ur choice.

UTAR, my choice

(suppose to be joke but too lame till i also cant laugh)

*removed due to author feeling bad*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Superman anyone?

Ever wondered how superman came around?

Probally your thinking from the another planet like every superman movie tells us.

Guess wat.

They lied.

Superman is from earth.

And i got good news for kids!
(and adults hu wan to bcome superman)



YOU! can become superman!

The trick to becoming superman lies in a very simple formula formulated by someone who isnt being credited enough.

SO kids, what are you waiting for.!

>< >< >< >< <>

Check out tis ad!!.

PS. SOrry girls, i tink its onli for guys.

After using tis gel, you will be as "Keras" as superman, able to deflect bullets.

You will be able to fight off enemies as Kasar as u can,

And u can shoot laser beams which are Panjang.

(phone number not to be revealed in order to preserve the number of supermans.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


MPH at ss2,
times at hartamas
popular at sunway

Ends at 22nd. any1 wanna go?

All destinations are 15 minutes from utar. =D